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Within End of Life Vehicles pathway dealers play a very important role because they manage an hazardous waste. Together with the other economic operators of the ELVs pathway, they are involved in reaching the reuse, recycling and recovery targets requested by the current national law.


Italian Dealers’ End of Life Management

The attached information has been provided by an Italian consulting society with great experience about ELV issue. This handbook at the moment is avaliable only in Italian language and is referred to local regulation. The aim is to clarify end-of-life-vehicles management and all activities related to the delivery of a vehicle by a Final Customer.

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Associations' involvement


Associations of dealers constitute a fundamental within ELV partnership.
All activities are managed by ELV Trade Association Agreement. Besides Federauto, dealers’ national federation involved with ELV Trade Association, also UCIF (Unione Concessionari del Gruppo Fiat), comprehensive of its other Associations: ACIF (Associazioni dei Concessionari dei marchi Fiat), ACIL (Lancia) and AICAR (Alfa Romeo), cooperate to this agreements.
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