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ELV worldwide

The attention and focus on the obligations related to the management of end of life vehicles also affect the other 28 European countries , in which national laws have allowed the transposition of European Directive 2000/53/EC.

In Europe, the Society has signed contracts with local operators and company service providers for the management of END OF LIFE VEHICLES (ELVs) . In the major European markets , the Group has also used efforts and resources to strengthen and increase the quality of its networks in order to be aligned with the local regulations updates. Stellantis has therefore implemented several networks of free take back of ELVs for the last owners in every European market. These certified networks are aligned with environmental regulations in the markets in which they operate and contribute to the achievement of reuse, recycling and energy recovery set by the European Directive 2000/53 and recorded annually by the European authorities of Eurostat .
Although the main constraints and obligations on the recycling of vehicles are limited to the European Union, also the authorities of other countries outside of Europe have begun to promote legislative initiatives on the management of end of life vehicles. Some countries have already implemented actual national standards  (Turkey , Serbia, Russia), while others have announced or are preparing new law proposals on recycling within the automotive industry.
In order to monitor constantly the evolution of these initiatives, Stellantis has created specific centers of expertise on the issues of the End of Life Vehicles in each macro-region geographical area in which there is an active business : Europe/Africa/Middle East, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania.



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