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TP Pneus Project

Funding type:  Public funding project Piedmont band “POR FESR 2007/2013 – Asse I INNOVAZIONE E TRANSIZIONE PRODUTTIVA - ATTIVITA I.1.3 Innovazione e PMI - Aiuti ai soggetti aggregati ai poli di innovazione”

Goal: evaluation, from the technical, environment and economic sustainability point of view, of the feasibility of specific products realized with polymeric material recycled for several industrial sectors (automotive, electrical appliance, road safety) starting from specific flows of post-consumed materials and in particular from end of life vehicles. 
Motivation:research of industrial market for materials coming from end of life vehicle (ELV). Main interest is formulation concerning materials coming from the ELV bumpers treatment and from recycling of rubber powder coming from end of life tyres (ELTs).
·          Centro Ricerche Fiat
·          Errecinque
·          Gallicchio Stampi
·          Indesit Company
·          Mectra
·          OMG
Proplast is the cluster management body of the New Material Cluster (INNOMAT), to which all partners are subscribed.
Start: 01/06/2012
Last: 15 months
Acheved results:Staring from recycled materials coming from post-consumed and end of life vehicles (bumpers, taps, window cleaning water tank, tyres and so on) will be studied different formulation of polymers, which will be used to realize demonstrators for each industrial sector.
The industrial sectors and their relative applications will be:
·          Automotive sector (CRF) – soundproof panels, vehicle components for interiors;
·          Electrical appliance sector (Indesit) – washing machine panels;
·          Road safety sector (Errecinque) – safety components for guardrails.
The activity of the project are still on going and, for the three applications, are planned Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analyses in order to evaluate the environmental impacts both of the formulations and selected materials, both of the recycling processes developed in the project. Besides, technical-economic analyses will be performed in order to evaluate the amount of the proceeds due to the use of recycled materials for each production process.