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Funding type:  Public funding project of the band LIFE+ 2010 Environment Policy &Governance - Waste and natural resources

Goal: Development and implementation of innovative technologies allowing to increase use of powder coming from End of Life Tyres (ELTs) for rubber asphalts which improve so the properties and performances of asphalts in terms of:
·          Safety
·          Comfort
·          Resistence
·          Environmental impact
·          Noise
Motivation:to developan important market demand (rubber asphalts) for the powder from end of life tyres boosting so the sustainable use of natural resources considering a life-cycle thinking, including the environmental, economic and social aspects. The idea of the project arises from a feasibility study carried out by the Province of Turin, the Polytechnic University of Turin, Ecopneus, Siteb, Fise/Unire and Anfia association. Such a study has allowed to realize an asphalt portion with bituminous conglomerate and rubber powder recycled from end of life tyres along the new road which connects Turin and Venaria.
·          Province of Turin (coordinator)
·          Polytechnic of Turin,
·          Patrimonio – Commune of Settimo
·          Centro Ricerche Fiat
·          BRILLADA
·          CEIP
·          ECOPNEUS (co-sponsor)
Start: 01/11/2011
Last: 36 months
Achieved results:the project has been accepted for the European Commision funding inside the Life+ 2010 framework and it will allow, as main results, to realize a prototype plant based on the dry technology, to set bituminous conglomerate formulation and to pave some road portions. In the project, the Life Cycle Risk Assessment (LCRA) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) studies will be performed to ensure the safety and eco-sustainability of the product/process evaluating also the economic feasibility through costs/proceeds analyses.
In the first part of the project, Fiat Research Center has investigated the start of the art of the actual solutions for the ELTs recycling/energy recovery with the aim of achieving the 2015 European targets of reuse-recycling and reuse-recovery. From the investigation, it became apparent that, despite of other States where the ELT recycling for rubberized asphalts is already a real solution, in Italy it is still an alternative under developed.
In the second action, environmental impact evaluations using the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) have been carried out on a different way of the ELT management. In detail, two solutions, one concerning the mechanical recycling to produce rubber power for asphalt applications and another one referred to the energy recovery in cement plants, have been evaluated in comparison with the landfill disposal. Anyway, this last scenario is only used as reference and it is, at least in Italy, a non-real solution because, complying with the 26/2003 Legislative Degree, the ELTs can no more be disposed in landfill.
In the last phase of the project, the LCA evaluation will be performed on the road portion which is going to be paved with the rubber powder mixture developed by the partners of the project.
·          Press release of the Province of Turin  www.provincia.torino.it/speciali/2010/asfalto_pneumatici/
·          News from Ecopneus http://www.ecopneus.it/it/il-pneumatico-fuori-uso-(pfu)/focus-gli-asfalti-modificati.html
Events: The results will be exploited during the most important workshops and conferences, both national and international, on the specific subject.