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Non metallic-materials and ELV treatment


This website area is addressed to facilitate the matching of the dismantling companies with other companies focusing their core business on the recycling of non-metallic materials such as catalysts, plastic components (bumpers, tanks ...), glazing (windshield, rear windows, side windows) and tires, as required by law.
The purpose is to provide a list of companies interested in ELVs business and available to recover plastics, glasses and catalysts, with reference to their geographical location and the capacity of territorial coverage. By clicking on the interested materials and then on Italian regions represented on the map, you can find the names of the companies available to the recovery of each material.
Contacts can be promoted directly from the same dismantling companies using the listed references: then new business initiatives may be developed in a total autonomous and operational way.
For further information related to the inclusion in the list of companies available to the recovery of materials, you can send an email to elv_info@fcagroup.com (see "Contacts").
For further information on the conditions of the service, please, see the "Legal notes - Description and conditions of use of the service".
 In addition to the area focused on the materials derived from dismantling activities, here below you can find some guidelines for carrying out some of the fundamental operations in vehicles recycling, such as the collection of tires, the depollution phase and other components treatment.





Industrial Lithium Batteries

FCA guarantees environmental compliance according to the 2006/66/CE Directive about batteries and accumulators for all vehicles placed on the European Market, also for new generation vehicles, hybrid and electric, equipped with industrial lithium batteries.
For the industrial lithium batteries of which FCA is responsible, that have to be dismantled by authorized operators like dealers, authorized workshops, dismantling facilities, FCA guarantees free takeback by specific agreements signed with specialized Consortia, present in many European markets.
Following, the list with names and contact information of Consortia in charge of takeback and management of industrial lithium batteries on behalf of FCA.



Download file 



End of Life Tyres withdrawal is regulated by Legislative Decree No. 82 of May 11th, 2011, published on Gazzetta Ufficiale on June 08th, 2011. Dismantlers have to confer ELT to producers and importers of PFU, which may be set up in one or more autonomous corporate structures to ensure the completely free withdrawal on all national territory for holders of ELT.
Cost management are in fact covered by a fund resulting from an “environmental contribution” paid by the customer, both for the spare tire than for tires installed on a new vehicle. All contributions are managed by a fund set up by Italian Automobile Club (ACI).
Dismantling companies interested in ELT free withdrawal can join the authorized Consortium Companies.
The consortia recognized for recall of spare tires and environmental contribution are indicate in Decrees issued on September 6th, 2011.
The Decree of July 3rd, 2013 n. 4371 regulates the environmental contribution which has to be applied on new vehicles in order to cover the management cost of tires from end of life vehicles.


For further informations, please consult the website www.pneumaticifuoriuso.it


Dangerous components removal is the most important compliance about end of life vehicles treatment because it marks the changeover between the vehicle as dangerous waste to non-hazardous waste. Instructions about correct and complete depollution performance are available in Article 6, D.Lgs 209/03 and Annex I, Article 5 D.Lgs 209/03 (see “Regulation”).

For batteries and olis treatment, you can call on dedicated Consortia.

ELV treatment: IDIS system

Automotive Industry makes available to every Company belonging to End of Life chain a system containing all necessary information about correct ad safe treatment of end of life vehicles, in compliance with Article 10, paragraph 1, D.Lgs 209/03. This system is available for free on web (continuous update) or on DVD (annual update) for all dismantling companies and is available on following website address:

System is available to the address:


Indications about treatment components

In order to fulfill Art. 10, paragraph 1bis of D.Lgs 209/03, FCA Italy S.p.A. provides to all independent operator who request as expected by European Regulation BER,  the information about correct dismantling, storage and functional check of reusable and resalable components in exchange for a fee.

The website is:


Selezione dei Centri di raccolta dei veicoli fuori uso

In ottemperanza al D.Lgs 209/03, Art. 5 comma 3, nell'allegato sono disponibili i criteri di selezione delle aziende di demolizione interessate ad appartenere al network italiano di FCA Italy S.p.A.